RED ROCK - 14th July, 2018

Birds were liberated at 7:42am

TRANSPORT NEWS. Trainers as usual from RED ROCK liberated 30min. after Mass Lib. unless less than 5 crates and in this case will be liberated with Mass. FROM Thursday crating on, the following service will be available. Trainers liberated as stated above or an option to be released on Friday approx. 7.30am from transport overnight stop 20klm. South of Grafton A further option to have birds released from Ballina on return trip is available. Cost for all the above services is $20 per crate. GPS READING . SOUTH 29. 56 . 05 .5 EAST 153 .05 .43 . 7

Weather Report

Weather for Sat. Brisbane area is Fine and Clear with wind from the West to 9kp/h and easing. Red Rock area is Fine and Clear with wind from the SW to 15Kp/h and easing.

Liberation Report

The Transporter left the club house at 7.45 pm and arrived at the race point Red Rock at 1.20am On arrival the temp was recorded at 12 c at 1.20 am and 5 c at 5.05 am All birds watered by5.45 am. The birds were liberated at 7.42 am. They formed two packs and were out of site in four minutes. Fred had an accident this morning while removing water troughs he fell from the platform. While falling he grabbed hold of the crates forcing two open and releasing birds. He quickly released the rest resulting in the birds being released at 7.42am instead of the scheduled time of 8.00am. Thank you Fred for quick thinking and avoiding a no race and sorry for the cuts and bruises you suffered. Trainers will be released 30min later. Joe.


NRC 2018 Flying Rules (Apr 2018)

Race Schedule - South 2018 v5

NRC General Meeting 11 Mar 2018